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    includes the CTA ‘👇Watch the Documentary 🎥’ the finger emoji points down to the link below.

  • robert edwards

    robert edwards

  • Hamzah Zahid

    Hamzah Zahid

    Multi-disciplinary commentary on religion and society; I combine the social sciences with religion to provide thought-provoking discourse.

  • Joseph-Patrick McCain

    Joseph-Patrick McCain

    Making a concerted effort not to become a "grumpy old man" as the years add up by keeping my sense of humor, positive outlook, trust, and determination.

  • Maliko Mena

    Maliko Mena

  • Annis Harrington

    Annis Harrington

    I work as a family lawyer in Pennsylvania. In spare time, I enjoy reading good books and discussing important problems on the Internet

  • Peggy Moss

    Peggy Moss

    Author of Say Something, Our Friendship Rules and One of Us. Mostly writing poetry for Medium. Secretly writing non-fiction at home.

  • Tobias Hermes

    Tobias Hermes

    Used to play baseball, now I play dad. Paramedic. Freelancer.

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